News, Rumors, Culture And Science At The Crossroads Of Cannabis Culture And The Mainstream

EdiThe weekly three-hour show features hillarious and in-depth analysis and interviews from the horizon of the marijuana underground, featuring industry leaders in business, medicine, and law alongside the world's most foremost technical experts in the field of cannabis.

Adam Dunn


Advancing the culture since the early 90s, Adam founded HempWorks, T.H. Seeds, and Hemp HoodLamb clothing in Amsterdam before moving to Colorado in 2010. Adam propels the show with a cast of colorful guests and outlandish anecdotes from his 25 years trendsetting in the cannabis underground.

Mark Perez

MTI aka Mark Perez is a ‘Jack of All Trades’ and a master of none. Born and raised in Aurora, Colorado; Mark brings his Audio Engineering skills to the Adam Dunn Show. His passion for cannabis manifests as putting out a quality audio/video product week after week to spread the good info of TADS. Interests/projects include playing the bass guitar for 20 years (Ransom/Dankrupt/Dimeanight), DJing funky house music (faceofbass/LoungeMOB), Weekly Guest on Brothers Brer's BB podcast in addition to running his own podcast network (Rerun Podcasts/SUBherbAN House Radio/Flyova Beats Radio).

Kyle Peters

KTI aka Kyle Peters is a passionate home grower and a longtime listener who enjoys working with Adam to create an entertaining and informative show. Always curious; KTI’s favorite subjects include all kinds of organic practices, staying on top of current events, and the art of outdoor growing. KTI loves spending time in the mountains, at SoHi Gallery, and in the garden.